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Easy To Do Grip Breaks | Grip Fighting For Judo | Grip Fighting for BJJ

Posted: January 06, 2021

Grip Fighting

One of the most frustrating things when grip fighting is when someone grabs a hold of your sleeve or of your lapel and you cannot get their grip off.

It's like they have a vice grip on your gi and they are like a dog that is holding on to a juicy piece of meat.  I mean you are yanking, pulling and in some cases clubbing at their forearm but it just won't come off. I've seen this, I've done this to people and I've experienced it myself.   As a matter of fact, this used to be a big problem for me until I learned the art and science of grip fighting and how to establish my grips as well as break my opponents' grip. 

In this grip fighting video you are going to learn some nice and easy grip breaks that are going to enhance your grip fighting immediately.  if yould like more grip fighting information like this then boogie on down to for access to the best free resource on the internet for grip fighting, The Grip Fighting Academy, as it pertains to takedowns for Judo and Jiujitsu. If you want to learn how to grip fight and to win more and lose less then this is the key that will unlock that door for you.



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