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Grip Fighting Instruction From Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

Posted: January 02, 2021

Grip Fighting

One of the most important skills in competitive judo is learning the art and science of grip fighting.  Grip fighting can literally take an average judoka and turn them into a national level player and I've seen it on several occasions determine the outcome of a judo contest.



I was first introduced to grip fighting years ago when I trained with 1999 World Judo Champion Jimmy Pedro.  I was living in Attleboro, MA at the time while working for Texas Instruments and I used to travel from Attleboro to Sommerville 2 to 3 nights a week to train.  All I remember is not being able to get a hold of Jimmy's gi.

I would go home and take notes and then watch film on him and study. I would buy books on grip fighting but nothing seemed to help.  Not until I moved to the Olympic Training Center and started training with 1984 Olympic Bronze Medalist Eddie Liddie.  Eddie took the time to explain to me the art and science of grip fighting.  Years later when I returned to train with Jimmy, he was able to help in the refining process of my grip fighting.  And the man who rounded it all out and taught me how to put it with my throws was 3 Time Olympian from Puerto Rico, Angelo Ruiz.  All that being said, what I've learned and developed through my years of coaching, competing and teaching is a comprehensive Grip Fighting approach which I've laid out in my online school called The Grip Fighting Academy. This video explains some of what I teach in the Grip Fighting Academy.  If you'd like more information on grip fighting and 100 FREE Instructional Videos on Grip Fighting which will give you the inside "skinny" on how I've been able to coach Olympians, World Champions, National Champions and serve as one of the top Judo instructors in the world then visit