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Tampa Florida Judo

A Night Of Grip Fighting At Tampa Florida Judo

Posted: January 03, 2021

Has Grip Fighting Got You Frustrated?
If so, boogie on down to for access to the best free resource on the internet for grip fighting, The Grip Fighting Academy, as it pertains to takedowns for Judo and Jiujitsu. If you want to learn how to grip fight and to win more and lose less then this is the key that will unlock that door for you.
In this grip fighting video, we are inside of the old facility doing grip fighting rounds and including ashiwaza (foot techniques) as we progress and get warmed up. You can really see some of the grip fighting strategy here and the use of proper timing and distance to get your hands on the gi. What I notice with every sport and judo is no different, is this..... the more you "know", the more you "see."  I remember how different the game of football looked to me before I played in college and how it looks now. Now I can see what's going on and the game looks slower than it did before.  Before it just seemed like people were all over the field running around.  And before I learned grip fighting all I would see is two people trying to throw each other. Now when I watch judo I can see the grip fighting sequences, the grip fighting setups, the grip fighting mistakes, the grip fighting tactics and the overall grip fighting strategy of the players.  Grip fighting changes everything.
So... enjoy the video and make sure you go to if you want to "see" more of what you are watching.  Join the Grip Fighting Academy for FREE!
Dedicated to your improvement,
Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
Head Instructor - Tampa Florida Judo