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Fly On The Wall | Grip Fighitng And Throwing | Tampa Florida Judo

Posted: January 12, 2022

In this Fly On The Wall Episode, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson illustrates his teaching style and the flavor of Tampa Florida Judo as he covers Grip Fighting in the advanced class with his son Rufus and goes over some of the throwing techniques in the fundamentals class. 

This Fly On The Wall video is pretty entertaining because there's also some randori in here also.  You can also see why the football players love doing Judo.  Rufus (Sickles High School), AJ Henderson (Sickles High School) and Andrew Hess (East Lake High School) are all football players. Judo is an awesome sport for football. Dr. Rhadi Ferguson was also a Divison 1 Football scholarship athlete at Howard University.


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Dr. Rhadi Ferguson 
2004 Olympian

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