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Here's What You Must Do To Improve Your Grip Fighting

Posted: January 03, 2021

Grip Fighting: Does It Hurt Or Enhance Your Judo
This grip fighting video is an absolutely fantastic video to watch.
You will learn a great deal about grip fighting through this online webinar lecture from the world's authority on grip fighting instruction, 2004 Olympian, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
Here are some of the things that you are going to learn in this video:
  1. What Is Grip Fighting
  2. What Is Judo
  3. Is Grip Fighting a part or "apart" of Judo
  4. Is Grip Fighting "Negative Judo"
  5. Do referees understand grip fighting?
  6. What is "Bad' or "Negative" Judo
  7. Do we even practice "Judo?"
  8. How To compete with honesty, integrity, decorum and respect.
  9. The Number One Thing That You need to study as a coach to really understand judo
  10. Understanding the objective of Grip Fighting
  11. Where does grip fighting fit in the developmental process
  12. And much more.....
  13. For more visit The Grip Fighting Academy at
So... enjoy the video and make sure you go to if you want to "see" more of what you are watching.  Join the Grip Fighting Academy for FREE!
Dedicated to your improvement,
Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
Head Instructor - Tampa Florida Judo