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How To Take What You Want..... In Judo and BJJ

Posted: April 18, 2018


It has been said that, "If you want something in life, you have to go out there and take it."

And when it comes to judo and BJJ, such things are true. Especially when it comes to competitive grappling.  When you are rolling inside of your academy or dojo, you can chill and you can take what comes to you. But, when you are on the mat and everything is on the line, you are going to have to take what you want because, quite honestly, you don't have all day.

The major constraint of the competitive environment is time.  You just don't have an unlimited amount of time to make a move work. You literally have to walk out on the mat and take what you want and then get ready for the next bout.

Surgical Precision

In these cases, you have to have surgical precision.  At the beginning levels, you will get a lot of chances to hit a move and then you will get it or not.  At the advanced levels  you only get ONE CHANCE. Just one.  The whole time you are trying to get the move started and that battle is at that point. And once you get the progression of that move started, usually that is your only chance.  So you must have surgical like precision.

Surgeons get good because they study, they perform surgeries and then they do surgical simulations.  All of these things allow the surgeon to be at their best when all the chips are down.   Well, you are no different. When all the chips are down in a judo or bjj match, you will want to execute with surgical precision.  I want this for you too.

This is why, I am once again offering training under and in the most effective, developed and researched practice and training method - Deliberate Practice.

Deliberate practice is the training of a skill with much repetition and immediate expert  coaching and feedback with feedback being the main component.

Just think how good you can get at a move, a sequence or a set of movements if you did the moves, videotaped them and had someone on provide you with a critique and analysis on how you can fix the move?

Pretty darn good, huh?

Now just think if that person was in the room while you were doing the move and fixing it on the spot. IMMEDIATELY your rate of improvement would increase due to the immediate feedback.

See, this is not about short cutting anything. This is about putting in the work. And the fact of the matter is this….. Deliberate practice allows you to get good….. and good at an ACCELERATED RATE!

On the 29th of April in Tampa, Florida at Tampa Florida Judo, I am hosting a Deliberate Practice Armbar Seminar.

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He Said, "Nobody
Does The Armbar

I had one black belt that I was talking to who told me, "nobody does the armbar anymore."  To which I replied, "What you mean is that nobody isn't practicing it  as  much anymore.  That's like saying that "nobody does the cross choke (kata juji jime) anymore."  Well, yes they do. As a matter of fact, Roger Gracie does it quite well and a major reason for that is because he practices it.

You get good at what you focus on.  And on we are going to place some laser like, myopic focus on the armbar so that you can "take what you want."  :-)


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