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Tatami Tuesday | How To Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan On The Mat | Some Juji Gatame Tips

Posted: April 17, 2018

Dr. Ferguson’s Deliberate Practice
Armbar Seminar On April 29th

In Charleston

I really had a wonderful time in Charleston, South Carolina a few days ago. It was refreshing to be on the mat with people who just loved doing the sport and art of judo and were not pushing to make the next team, to win the next tournament or looking be the number one player in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love coaching those individuals too but we all came from grassroots programs and the grassroots programs produce the Olympians, the referees, the table workers, the world champions, the coaches, the national champions and the practice players. The grassroots programs really RUN judo, not the International Judo Federation.  The International Judo Federation exists because of the tiny clubs around the world that do what Elijah Fletcher does at his school in South Carolina. And that is, create a safe space for students to train and learn judo.

If you’d like to see the photos from this weekend, you can check them out here:

Grip Fighting Seminar Pictures From South Carolina

New Video

Rolling Juji Gatame Video Utilizing The Dummy

Let me be honest with you. I was not good at this move when I was competing. I really didn’t learn this move well until I retired. I didn’t understand how in the world it would work on a grown man who was 220lbs (100 kg). But I understand now.




When I started my career as a judo coach, I was a great polisher. This is not at all abnormal for a world class athlete with good communication skills and the desire to coach. It’s usual for them to be thrown into the top end of the developmental cycle to coach and not into the grassroots coaching realm. I was no different. I could take somebody who already had the raw materials in place, who already had some sort of development, and shine them up and polish them; help them become a champion, help them become an Olympian, help them win worlds, help them win national championships, and I was able to do this because I was a great polisher.

But, when I became a grassroots level coach and started coaching with the Bahamas Judo Federation in 2009, coaching inside schools, putting together school programs, putting together dojo programs around the country, and doing the same thing for myself in Tampa, I had to learn how to become a manufacturer – and more so when I had my son and my daughter. I had to learn about total athletic development with respect to human development and early childhood education. I had to learn how to develop someone from the initial stages of nothingness and help them become something.

Now, granted, these are all things I knew in theory. The hard part about the grassroots coaching process is that while we are so focused on the students we still need someone to focus on us, and that’s my reason for producing this book. I know that as you continue to pour out into your students every day, you still need someone to pour into you, someone to encourage you, someone to help you grow, and someone to push you forward to higher levels of excellence.  I hope you will allow me to pour into you and to continue to share with you. If you are looking to grow and to know more, be more and do more but understand that you just need a good push, the right words at the right time, or a small piece of knowledge that you may be missing, then do yourself a favor and get your hands on my book  The Ultimate Judo Success Secret today.

Thank you so much for reading and following. I hope that you got a lot from today’s issuance.

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