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Tatami Tuesday | How To Stay Motivated When The Newness Of Training Wears Off | See The Black Belt

Posted: April 10, 2018

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 One of the biggest problems that people have in life is staying motivated. 

 I remember in 2001 when I was training for the 2004 Olympics that it was hard staying motivated 36 months out from the Olympic   Trials.

 Those mornings in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center were hard when it was cold and snowing.  I wanted to stay in   the bed and not get up. It was hard to focus on the long term goal of being an Olympian when the cold of winter was hitting me right   in the face. It was hard to focus on the Opening Ceremonies and thinking of my family and friends being proud of what we all   accomplished. 

 It was tough.

And I understand what it is like for my students who are on the black belt pursuit.

The Black Belt

The black belt journey is an honorable one, a noble one and a difficult one. To become a black belt it takes a lot of steadfast training and the ability to be self-motivated. It requires quality self-talk and for you to tell yourself everyday, "I can do it."  It requires for you to see past where you are and look toward where you want to be.

And it requires for you to have people around you who tell you that you can do it.

Unfortunately...... many people give themselves a reason to quit.  And many parents allow their children to change course, and do another sport, without realizing that they can do many sports and it's okay to take a few weeks off to take a break and come back.


Nobody accomplishes anything by quitting. In life, it's the people who hang on just that moment longer or keep at the difficult work just a little while longer, who accomplish great things in life. You can and should be one of those people.  Now, I'm not saying that there are not time in life when you need to "stop" but "stopping" is a lot different than "quitting."

On the black belt journey, you will get tired, you will get bored and you will feel like there's no hope. But rest assured that if you keep at it that it won't be easy but it will be worth it.

Happy Training,

Rhadi Ferguson


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