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Do you want to learn how to defend yourself and overtake larger attackers?
Never be held down again!

brazilian jiu jitsu

It doesn't matter if you're training for competition or the real world, we've got you covered. 

Because most altercations end up on the ground, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu prepares you for the threats of a real-world attack and teaches you how to maintain control over any situation.

But with decades of championship competitions under our belt, we're also the best school in Tampa to prepare you for the challenges of the mat.

In our BJJ Classes, you can learn:

  • How to maintain leverage and power
  • How to use an opponent's strength against them 
  • How to gain the upper hand from any position 

Since its arrival in the United States in the 1980s, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has experienced an unprecedented popularity, with its practitioners creating a real culture of their own.

Getting in shape and gaining confidence should not be a huge chore made up of boring gym workouts you dread daily.  And most importantly, it is not something you have to face alone!

Let the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program at Tampa Florida Judo help you reach your maximum physical and mental potential.


Tampa Florida Judo’S JIU-JITSU CLASSES


Teaching Self-Defense Skills


Building Self-Confidence


Learn to Defend Yourself Against Large Attackers

Get in the Best Shape Of Your Life and Learn to Protect Yourself!

Jiu-Jitsu is widely considered the most effective form of self-defense in the world, and has become hugely popular especially with the explosion of UFC. The primary goal of Jiu Jitsu is to control a resisting opponent in ways that force him into submission by grappling.

Much of the technique of BJJ is centered around taking down an opponent on the ground and wrestling to control and render him harmless.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a fast-paced submission system that teaches everyday men and women how to come out on top in both competition and real-world conflict.


You know that feeling when you finish up a great workout and you're just on top of the world? That's every day at Tampa Florida Judo.

Our team truly knows how to get the most out of every person in class. It doesn't matter if this is your first session or your 50th, you'll stay motivated to give it your all and you'll quickly reap the rewards that come with your effort. 

In our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program, we're helping everyday men and women:

• Build total-body strength and fitness
• Improve your coordination and athletic ability 
• Enjoy boosted speed and agility
• Walk away with better cardiovascular health

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What Makes Tampa Florida Judo Different
From Other Martial Arts Schools?

We focus on the personal development aspect of martial arts, not just self-defense moves.

Our instructors are all certified black belts, qualified and licensed to teach martial arts.

Each instructor has passed an intensive certification process based on 40 years of tradition, research & development.

FACT: 1 out of 1000 Adults in the United States Will Be Assaulted This Year


every 18 seconds

a burglary takes place in the United States.

protection self-defense

14.3% of armed robberies

take place in a home.

protection self-defense

Every 98 Seconds

an American is sexually assaulted.


Start Learning Jiu-Jitsu Today and Learn to Defend Yourself

Empower Yourself • Transform Your Body • Gain Confidence for Yourself & Your Family


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Build back your

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Learn real world
self-defense tactics.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Relieve stress!

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At Tampa Florida Judo, it is our mission to help you become a confident, focused individual with the life-transforming skills of Jiu-Jitsu.

Relieve Stress
& Gain Confidence

Most people associate mixed martial arts with fighting, kicks and punches. While we definitely practice drills that you can expect during mixed martial arts classes, the truth is that confidence and stress relief are some of the biggest benefits our members report!

Amazing Physical
& Mental Fitness

You’ll not only burn amazing calories while learning life-saving self-defense moves - you’ll also gain a mental clarity that you’ve never experienced before.

Traditional Meets Modern

Our program is the perfect mix of traditional martial arts and modern self-defense skills applicable in the real world. Our classes not only teach you how to protect yourself - they also instill the awareness skills necessary to avoid becoming a victim.

What Other Members Are Saying:

First, I have to say that I've attended many very good seminars, that have all helped me in different ways.... but then you have those milestone moments. Those moments where a light bulb is turned on, and you suddenly see things that you never could, no matter how hard you tried. Dr. Rhadi's seminar was just that for me. I honesty believe if I continue to drill what he showed me that it will change my jiu-jitsu life. What I feared most in my martial arts learning, has never felt more natural in my head,  until now. Thank you so much Dr. Rhadi. I honestly truly appreciate your teaching style. Learning doesn't come easy to me, but the way you explained & demonstrated the techniques, made me understand things that I never could. Again, thank you.

Vanessa Retes, BJJ World Champion


I had the pleasure of attending a seminar by Dr. Rhadi Ferguson this past weekend. Rhadi is an expert of the disciplines of judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and his accomplishments in the sporting world speak for themselves. What was more impressive however, was his gift for conveying the seamless transitions and applications of the two arts in an intelligent, articulate and systematic manner. He is the embodiment of a seeming dichotomy to which I aspire: a savage, powerful untamed beast on the mat and a well-spoken, humorous and motivating consummate professional off the mat.Thank you, professor for the experience!

Michael Lee, M.D


Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is the only U.S. Judo Olympian in the Tampa Florida Area who instructs Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu and the ONLY Olympian in the Tampa, Florida area who has trained Olympians.

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson holds a Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Education with a concentration in Professional Studies (Capella University). He also holds a Masters of Arts of Teaching Degree (Howard University) and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Howard University).

There’s nothing like going to a “dead-end” dojo or to an instructor who doesn’t learn or won’t allow you to learn. Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is also a published researcher having written peer reviewed journal articles and sat on the board for the Journal of Asian Martial Arts. He has written academic articles on Mixed Martial Arts, he is also a Professional Blogger for ProMMANow which is syndicated by the USA Today and is a professional. Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is also a published author who has produced DVDs, CDs and books.

It is important to know who taught your teacher and who taught your teacher’s teacher? Dr. Rhadi Ferguson holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu. He was promoted from white belt to brown belt by Lloyd Irvin and received his Black Belt by Ricardo Liborio. Both of his BJJ Coaches are, like him, legends in the sport. Dr. Ferguson is also the only person in the world to compete at the Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championships, The Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Champions (also called the Olympics of Submission Wrestling) and the Olympic Games. Dr. Rhadi Ferguson’s first Judo Instructor was “Sensei Rick” from Oak Grove Elementary School. He then began training with Sensei Jack Williams from Miami Dade Community College. 

Start Feeling More Confident, More Relaxed, Stronger, and In Control! Begin Your Jiu-Jitsu Journey Today!

There's no better way to get fit and learn self-defense than with a high-level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program. And there's truly no better school for beginners and experts alike than Tampa Florida Judo. We're committed to your success and we can't wait to get started!

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