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Our Summer School Program Schedule

Tuesdays & Thursdays : 11:00am - 12:00pm 

Give Your Child A Great Way To Stay Active
With Our Summer School Martial Arts Classes!

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We take pride in offering the summer school students in our community an incredible way to stay active and meet new friends during the summer break.

Our Summer School Martial Arts Classes offer instruction for students of all skill levels and can serve as the perfect break during a day of class.

There is nothing more important in the lives of our children than establishing self-confidence in everything they do. That's why our Kids Martial Arts program builds up our summer school students with a series of accomplishments and support throughout the process. 

Whether your child is a complete beginner or an experienced martial arts student, they'll feel welcomed from day one at Tampa Florida Judo and challenged to give it their all.

Our Summer School Program is the answer!

Tampa Florida Judo's Summer School program CLASSES EMPOWER STUDENTS :

growth goal setting skills

Develop Goal-Setting Skills

positive attitude

Positive Mental Attitude


Healthy Fitness Habits

Children and Parents Absolutely Love our Program!

Our Kids Martial Arts classes offer instruction in traditional Judo techniques with an exciting belt progression system and a clear path to success. 

Your child can build:

• Perseverance and determination
• Focus and attention to detail
• Dedication to the learning process 

Your children will learn firsthand the importance of focus, attentiveness, commitment, and discipline - and they will have a great time while they are learning. 

Kids Martial Arts Classes Can Translate Into Any Sport Or Hobby

Sure, we want your child to build their martial arts skills for years to come. But when they're away from the dojo, our Kids Martial Arts program will set them up with a foundation of athleticism and strength that can help them find success in everything they do. 

Our classes offer summer school students the perfect partner to traditional P.E. classes and help children establish: 

• Balance and coordination
• Speed and agility
• Lifelong habits of physical activity


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Your Child Will Love Our Program!

positive awareness attitude


Improvement at Home & School

WHAT MAKES Tampa Florida Judo Summer School Program Unique?

Daily fun activities & martial arts instruction along with allotted homework time.

Physical Education and more for Summer School

Our team of instructors and staff are highly qualified and professionally trained. 


prevent bullying


is a victim of bullying

resist drugs

42.5% OF TEENS

in the U.S. try drugs



fail to graduate on time


Equip them with the tools to succeed in the real world with kids martial arts.

Our students regularly go on to join Ivy schools and become community leaders. The values they learn during their martial arts journey are the same you teach at home and last a lifetime.

3 WAYS OUR Summer School program can


happy kids


Your children will be able to enrich their lives while having fun and making new friends.

martial arts


Our program helps them to develop healthy exercise habits that they can retain throughout their lives.

happy kids fun sports


Your child will learn about setting goals - and following through to achieve them.

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We can't wait to meet you and your child so that we can get started right away teaching them how to develop powerful traits that will last a lifetime!

Tampa Florida Judo

Fun & Discipline Enhances Confidence & Pride

For many centuries, the martial arts have been used not only to teach children self-defense, but to give them the tools they need for success in life. Your child will learn about setting goals - and following through to achieve them. They'll learn to appreciate the value of respect and to show respect for others.

improved fitness and health

Build Fitness &
Improve Health

A martial arts program isn't just a powerful character-builder, it's also a great workout. In this day and age where there are TONS of activities that keep kids on the couch, it's VITAL to inject fun fitness activities whenever you can. If it's time to pull the plug on video games, music videos, movies and Internet surfing, give us a call.

What Other Parents Are Saying:

“Dr. Ferguson, I just wanted to write and thank you for the opportunity for my daughter Ella to train at your dojo, Tampa Florida Judo. She was very excited to be invited to train with you and I appreciate that you are such an open-minded coach that allows her to explore different training options and perspective in order to stimulate continued growth. Your specialized coaching ability give you the insight to to see her strengths as well as areas of opportunity to always improve her Judo. With your help she continues to be a top competitor at any tournament she competes in and we anticipate her continued national ranking this year. Thank you!”

Frank Valenti


Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is the only U.S. Judo Olympian in the Tampa Florida Area who instructs Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu and the ONLY Olympian in the Tampa, Florida area who has trained Olympians.

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson holds a Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Education with a concentration in Professional Studies (Capella University). He also holds a Masters of Arts of Teaching Degree (Howard University) and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Howard University).

Knowing how to teach children is great. You can definitely learn this skill in school. However, it is very different to be a mother or a father. And there’s nothing more powerful when you couple the skills of education with the life experience of being a parent. Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is a parent of two lovely children. His son, Rufus and his daughter, Rhadi. Whom both practice here at Tampa Florida Judo.

Dr. Ferguson is an educator and lecturer and has served as an adjunct professor at the University level and has lectured both nationally and internationally

Our affordable After School Program Helps instill discipline, respect and healthy habits for life!

Don't forget to ask us about our Summer Camp Programs!